Description of the painting Sandro Botticelli "The Annunciation"

Description of the painting Sandro Botticelli

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Botticelli created a grandiose picture that simply cannot but impress. It depicts a dramatic scene of the Annunciation. There are strict rectangles on the floor, the division of the walls is also verified.

The archangel has just flown to Mary.

We feel a movement that is not stopped. He knelt. Madonna and Archangel fly towards each other. They are stopped for a moment only by a colonnade, which becomes a separating element. You can feel the movement in the clothes of an angel. Folds form bizarre waves. The white curtain at the columns is flowing. But the austere interior restrains this irresistible impulse, which is so visible throughout the canvas.

Heroes are connected by a broken line, which vibrates significantly along all the contours of these figures. They seem to lead us along. We involuntarily follow the gaze after these bends and kinks, which are irresistibly moving towards each other.

You can see the incredible excitement of the heroes of this canvas. Their poses are unstable. It seems that they staggered under the gusts of a mystical wind, which suddenly bursts into the space of the canvas.

The masterpiece is expressive. Botticelli focuses on the eloquent hands of the characters. The Archangel brings Mary the message from God. She steps back a bit and dutifully accepts her. The artist does not seek to embellish the appearance of Mary. We do not see jewelry and a gold ornament. The saints are dressed simply. The spiritual is valuable in its own way. It creates a necessary counterweight to physical beauty.

Amazing depth and airiness of flowers. Maria's cloak concentrated the shade of Italy's sea and sky. Botticelli subtly felt the slightest shades of color. It seems that the painter washed all the paints before applying them to the canvas. They shine and impress with their beauty.

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